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Our love for Calcutta has never been undercover. While we have been to The City of Joy once before, we revisited in January 2016, with a lookout for a place to stay that not only reflects the city’s rich heritage, but also has a characteristic personal feeling and a sense of a more exclusive identity.

One such place that owned us and how was the boutique hotel, The Corner Courtyard. While walking down the busy and vibrant Sarat Bose Road, everything looks run-of-the-mill, until you come close to the Hazra road intersection  and see a white building with its name written in bold black that catches your attention. Centrally located to all the main attractions in the city, it's an ancient bengali house that has been renovated by a passionate team to modern comforts and refinement. If you don't walk in at least once, you’re missing out.

We did not want to bring back this regret and that’s how we entered a world within our world.  As you will enter the the board on the reception reads out loud too “Old World Charm” and it is indeed as if you’ve left everything outside to enter a world that takes you back with its old world charm. 

Walk through the corridor and the smell of coffee, the ochre yellow on the walls (which reminded me of an old friend who loved the color for its vintage richness) and the tiny details will export you to the past while simultaneously keeping you abreast with the modern times. While we looked around,
the owner as if intuitively knowing our favourite color to be black, handed us the keys to our room, called 'Charcoal'. In all they have 7 rooms with the other rooms called Indigo, Crimson, Ivory, Vermilion, Viridian, and Cadmium, each with a rich history and a unique story.

The rooms are on the floors above for which you will have to take the staircase and walk through the restaurant which has a lot of quirky art decor. The moment you step in, the restaurant feels like a set foot in a Tim Burton film. One wall has a green door with brass latches, door knobs around it and the other wall is filled with vintage books and the tables set as if waiting for you.

Although the walk from the stairs to our room is just 10 steps away, it took us around 10 minutes because we were so distracted by the stunning detailing. A huge brass door knock in the shape of a greek horse, the vintage letterbox outside the door or even the huge old lock, it is all unusually 
beautiful. If the outside had us so enthralled we were curious what our room Charcoal would be like. 

The huge white door opened to a room that teleported us to a frame from Satyajit Ray’s time. The room had a black and white feel with the décor being cinema paraphernalia quintessential to that era. 
Like the monochromes of Satyajit Ray’s cinema, classical in style and rich in moods, simple yet layered stories, the room conveyed the same aesthetic. The room was fairly big and the bed was really comfy. The cleanliness is worth mentioning with everything that you might need throughout your entire stay, from a hair dryer, to an electric kettle, already in place. The huge study area with frames from Ray’s time will have you sit and appreciate your decision of choosing The Corner Courtyard.
A major concern while we are staying in a hotel is about the safety of any valuables/jewelry we might be carrying while we are out exploring the city. We were glad to find out that TCC had taken care of this aspect. A digital safe is provided to the guests which is inside the big wooden closet.

There is something special to be said about the food at TCC. With a diverse world cuisine that we could not find elsewhere in Kolkata, TCC takes away all the brownie points with their use of fresh ingredients and the beautiful presentation.  
For our dinner we ordered the Romanian bacon wrapped prawns with thousand island dressing,  Grilled Jamaican jerk chicken with lemon saffron rice (recommended by the courteous staff) and baked Bhetki (fish) with creamy burnt garlic, capers, parsley, hurb chilly butter and sides. For Breakfast they serve an English breakfast. Baked beans and bread and eggs, done the way you like them.Although we could only make time for two meals during our stay, the aftertaste of everything that we tried will stay with us until we visit TCC next time (which is very soon..). Kolkata has no shortage of good restaurants but TCC was the best handsdown. The presentation and service was all on point with the owner specially visiting us to make sure we were being taken care off. 

They have a beautiful patio on the terrace, full of greenery and an ideal place to enjoy your morning tea or a late night smoke with a view of the busy Sarat Bose road. The light music that plays throughout the property has a soothing effect whether you are at the terrace trying to get some fresh air or at the restaurant enjoying your meals. 

Great service and friendly staff. We strongly recommend this little beautiful hotel in the heart of the city. What would make this even a better hotel: more variety for breakfast as they have a fixed menu everyday; a little more attention to maintenance details (we had a couple of burned out lights in our bedroom and the shower faucet didn't work too well), and if they served alcohol. 
Overall, our stay was beautiful and while we’ve captured enough memories through our cameras, the ones we couldn’t, have made deep enough impression on our memory that  they shall remain with us for the longest of time.

Devyani Kapoor - Chief poser and creative director of Breviloquent, Devyani lives her life in Black and white with no shade of Grey. A cat lady and a lover of all things vintage, she likes to solo travel and meet new stories and share them while downing coffee and cake. A fashion girl, she prefers going by her personal style than with what's trending. 
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Sameer Sewak:  A pilot by profession, twitter socialite & an excellent bubble wrap popper. He can be blamed for all the landings and take offs at Breviloquent.
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*Special Thanks to Megha, the owner of TCC for having us and taking extra care throughout our stay. Namrata Punjabi and the entire staff, for helping in organizing the stay.

To find out more or for booking queries for The Corner Courtyard you can check their website.

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