How I Met My Wedding Dresses

12:28 PM

So what if Karan Johar won’t star you in his next big hit, can’t you have our own movie?
We’d like to believe your wedding is no less than one, right from when the preparation starts to the time the couple zips off to a romantic honeymoon. It is quite the fairytale we always dream about.
While you get the flashy Bollywood wedding shamiana ready, here's how you can make a huge difference in the biggest event of your lifetime.
Say the word ‘Wedding’ to a girl and I bet most of you would think of a wedding dress before anything else. Whether it’s a gorgeous lehenga, a detailed saree, or an ethereal gown, the fact is that what you wear to your wedding is important and we understand that!
Going back to the basics? If your pocket is full and your taste classy, we are assuming you'd have Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi on your list already.

But here's how this gorgeous bride made a difference. Natasha Sharma, a professor at the University of Texas wanted her wedding to be a close affair and when I say close I don't mean less people, I mean closest to her heart. Unlike other brides, she did not leave a single moment when she didn't dance or make the best out of the day (I say that so confidently 'cause what you see is all the behind the scenes brought to you by Breviloquent). Not only that, she refused to get her dresses off the racks of the big designers, instead wanted to design them herself from the scratch. What you see here is all that she got made after a lot of research while sitting abroad before her wedding. Few Pinterest boards and she knew exactly what she wanted. Now the next task was to figure out someone who'd design it exactly like how she had imagined her outfits to look like. Here came in the magical lady Malvika from Label Eeshav who did all the garments not only for Natasha but also for the family and they were perfect to the T. From the western outfit at her mehendi to the light weight yet so gorgeous lehenga on her cocktail and the very classy wedding lehenga, it is all a result of Natasha's effort in making her big day special and Malvika's expertise in making that dream come true. This Bride did not want to wear the cliched names and thus decided to break the likes of a stereotypical bride in every sense possible.

The thought of a dream wedding typically takes us back to those priceless DDLJ moments, but would you rather do it with a twist?
Just like love, life and DDLJ, your wedding happens just ONCE in your lifetime (we hope), So before you zero in on any style, make sure that it reflects who you are! After all, it’s your personal style that makes you shine brighter than the rest.

Bride : Natasha Sharma (My sister In Law)
Photography by : Memento of Shades
Wearing : Label Eeshav by Malvika Mathur

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