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After a painful divorce, A woman steps out of her comfort zone to go on a round-the-world journey that becomes a quest for self-discovery; Eat Pray Love.
A newly divorced woman from San Francisco buys a villa in Italy on a whim, hoping it will lead to a change in her life; Under The Tuscan Sun.
A young man and woman meet on a train in Europe, disembark in Vienna, where they spend the night walking around the city and getting to know each other; Before Sunrise.
You might be thinking why am I telling you about these movies?
All three of them have something that mystically connects with something inside me deeply. Something about the story of a strong, independent women taking a leap of faith to do something silly. Something silly to make their tomorrow better than today. Taking that one big decision of moving out of one’s comfort zone to experience something new.
I get a similar urge every now and then to make similar journeys and though I may not be venturing out to exotic cities like Tuscany or Vienna I have made such a trip to Calcutta on a similar whim. Something about the City of Joy that pulls me towards itself again and again and I probably sound like an obsessed woman when I talk about the city to my friends.
This January I somehow ended up waking up to the smell of 'Maach' around me wondering what brought me here again. 
This time during my stay, I went back to all the places I had been to before. Only what changed this time was how I felt like I was no more a guest but how I belonged somewhere in that Bangla speaking crowd.
Victoria Memorial as I mentioned once is no more a tourist destination for me. When I walk through the huge lawns I take pride in its heritage and culture like I belong here. Even though a walk or a boat ride at the ghats under the huge Howrah Bridge is no more as thrilling as it was the first time but much more soothing as I go back to it. If you've been to the city and spend some time here, you'll know it actually is a city where the gods come alive.

This time though there was someone who accompanied me throughout my stay. From when I walked through the Lifeless Stories to walking around the crowded markets, Studio Kassa traveled with me. The big bag person that I am, I cannot help but carry something that can fit in everything I might or might not need. I feel a little more confident when I am being accompanied by a huge bag that fits in everything in it. Throughout my trip the travel Flexure Tote from Kassa walked with me like a loyal friend. The bags from Kassa are minimal yet bold. The Flexure Tote is a fold-over bag, that is expandable in height and flexible in how you use it.

While one journey might have ended but there's always that empty bag waiting for you to come pack again and leave towards yet another silly but big decision. Mine might be in the planning phase right now.


Devyani Kapoor - Chief poser and creative director of Breviloquent, Devyani lives her life in Black and white with no shade of Grey. A cat lady and a lover of all things vintage, she likes to solo travel and meet new stories and share them while downing coffee and cake. A fashion girl, she prefers going by her personal style than with what's trending. 
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*Special thanks to Sameer Sewak.

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