#WalkWithMe : Lifeless Stories

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I am not someone who buys a lot and uses a lot, instead I buy too less and use even lesser. But for those favorite one's that make their way on to the top of my ever so full closet, I use them once and I use them till they say good bye. I might still manage to buy or get few things that even though I haven't ever used, I might not want to let them go. That being said, I try and fail to wear and use everything that I have at least once. The white shirt addict that I am, I might have a couple of those in different sizes and cuts but all crisp and white peeping from different corners in a closet so big.

Every thing that is very dear to me, from those favorite piece of clothing to that one favorite bag that I keep using no matter how many others I have or buy, have a story to them. For all those denims that have hung onto me all these years like a never ending story, have further found their way up with all the ripping and distressing that I've favored them with. The oldest one would probably be 6 this year, still going strong.
Though I am a serial borrower from my elder sister's collection, even though the two of us are poles apart. She shudders on seeing my ripped denims and boyfriend white shirts, few of which that have been taken from the father's closet and the others that are the result of quick decision making. But if there is one thing that both of us never disagree on, it has to be our choice of bags.
I am not a hoarder when it comes to bags, it might be the other way if I speak of shoes though. But my choice of bags has gone from small to big over the years. With a lot of travel and even more events and meetings, finding that one perfect bag becomes one big task.
I wont deny but I somehow cant really carry small bags and clutches, though this year I plan to change that and experiment with the smaller ones from the bag fraternity. That being said, I like to invest in leather bags more than anything. But I will agree, finding the perfect leather bag can be difficult. More so if you are someone who doesn't like the conventional styles.
When our friends at Kassa came together for a collaboration and I was asked to pick that one perfect piece, it had to be this. The handcrafted DAB Dusty clutch from their limited collection is as minimalist yet bold. On days when you have to carry bare minimum, the tan clutch could come in handy.
Classic and timeless with a mix of product design and graphics, Kassa soon became our favorite. Unconventional shape and intricate details with every piece that is a functional work of art, the labels curiosity for color, shape and material is surely breaking the cookie clutter.
Second from our #WalkWithMe series, this was also shot in Kolkata just as the one before : Here

Walk With Me is a series where we take you along with us to places that have lifeless stories hidden somewhere. This was shot in a cemetery with a thousand and more stories that now lie life lifeless. While we walked through each of them, the curiosity to sit through and know them better grew.


White high low Shirt, Brown lapel pockets coat - SR Store
Distressed denims - IML Jeans
Tan Shoes - Alberto Torresi

Devyani Kapoor - Chief poser and creative director of Breviloquent, Devyani lives her life in Black and white with no shade of Grey. A cat lady and a lover of all things vintage, she likes to solo travel and meet new stories and share them while downing coffee and cake. A fashion girl, she prefers going by her personal style than with what's trending. 
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*We don't aim to disrespect anyone or anything with this post and it is only a result of amalgamating the different sides of lifeless stories.

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