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I've been making a conscious effort to bring to the spotlight the importance of recycling. With the #AIFWAW16 in Delhi last week I made sure I wore something that was not only stylish and made a personal style statement for me but at the same time was a recycled garment that could pass on the very important message.
KSR clothing, by Karishma Siddique Roy is a stylish ode to mother earth and the environment. It promotes the eco-conscious aesthetic of Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce through its commitment to work with 'Khesh', which is a brilliant, indigenous weaving technique that recycles and reuses old cotton sarees to create new fabric. KSR promotes indigenous hand-looms and craftsmanship and works with artisans and weavers in West Bengal. Using hand looms and khesh, KSR seeks to present traditional Indian weaves in a global context. The garments feel and fit like your second skin and compliment Indian skin tones and weather. The Dodger blue khesh Peter Pan dress is a perfect outfit for summers, with its soothing blue color and the texture it is certainly going to be my statement this season.
I hardly wear flats, but when I do they are usually oxfords. Having tried quite a few brands that either go wrong in their making or the sizing, it is a tough task to find that one perfect pair that will stay with you for seasons. I am the proud owner of some thirty plus shoes out of which oxfords certainly top my shoe chart, Osca Donna did it yet again for me! From their Benita that I wore in my last post, they now have a Osca loyalist. The Meira Navy Blue brogue oxfords from their regular collection is tailor made to fit you perfectly. It comes in more than one color, but having the usual tan I wanted to experiment with a darker shade thus I went for Navy blue. While I mentioned that Indian shoe sizes don't usually fit me, I took these shoes for a good 1 week ride (with and without socks) to make sure I bring back a review I can stand by. And Voila! Look who passed the Breviloquent test. Check the entire collection here 

Location Courtesy : Junglee Billee
Photography by Ankit Mathur | Styling Modelling and Post Production by Devyani Kapoor  

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  1. wow so nice!! You looks awesome. I like your all picks and dresses. I'll buy dresses online to look like you.

  2. You look so great and that is really wanderful to be very fashionable woman.

  3. Wow! I like those unusual clothing and colours. I think that it will be interesting to try something like that too.

  4. You look just stunningly posleku such a beautiful color of the dress emphasizes all the dignity of your figure.

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