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Like an Edward Hopper painting or a Wes Anderson movie, there are some work’s of art whose distinctive style bears the signature of their maker. Vedika M’s maxi dresses, jumpsuits, jackets and shirts, all use distinctive block prints and hand painted textures giving each individual piece an abstract effect that sets her apart from other fashion houses. It is the perfect marriage between flamboyant and sophisticated, therefore it’s no surprise it comes from the culture capital of the India, Kolkata.

The featured white hand painted flowy maxi dress is made from double georgette. It plays with brush strokes and cut outs which makes it a great pick for a relaxed day out in the sun or for easy weekend dressing. Maxi dresses are now a year-round staple and when aiming to look effortlessly chic, it's hard to go wrong with a long summer dress.

A date night or a brunch with friends, on days where you feel like playing with more colour, the bright orange and pink dress is your answer to “what do I wear?”. It is an abstract printed lycra dress, which uses color block technique and radiates architectural elegance.
If the invites are racking up for the summer events, bag yourself a versatile dress like this that can be reworked throughout the season. Maxi dresses are a great choice for formal occasions when complemented with statement accessories.

Snow Annabelle from Chiaroscuro is just the right friend you need this season. Chiaroscuro is a New Delhi based workshop initiative that specializes in crafting leather collectibles - aesthetically pleasing creations that are grounded in humble functionality while harnessing the skills of India’s storied craftsmen. Each creation is crafted from beginning to very end by a single artisan, in his individual style. Annabelle, a classic, old school. confident yet so shy bag comes packed in yet another beautifully crafted jute bag to keep it safe as it reaches to your doorstep. The names of the bags by Chiaroscuro are a mixture, a few are named after friends. Names always feel more personal and seem like the start of a sweet friendship between you and the bag
The names have their own stories of strong personality associations that goes with the personality of the bags.
The perfect size to be your everyday-go-along-with! A claw clip and pockets on the inside make sure you can be as organised as you like with your keys, phone & just about everything. Each bag is a little story that comes packed for you to open and then live with. A little happily ever after story! Chiroscuro also make little customized miniatures of their bags that can be used as key chains or charms. Check their website and Instagram to buy these little babies and the bags.

*Vedika M has their main store in Kolkata but you can also find them in leading multi-designer fashion stores. Ombre in Kolkata. Mairah in Pune. Panache and Monsoon in Ahemdabad. Amaara, Creo, Vyoumn and Kashish Infoire in Mumbai. Their clothes are also available on, and Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Wearing : FabIndia oxidised silver & Royal Plum statement earrings, Marlchuz Red heels.
Location Courtesy : Junglee Billee
Photography by Ankit Mathur | Styling & Modelling by Devyani Kapoor  | Post production by Sameer Sewak & Devyani Kapoor

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