Calcutta Dreaming

11:35 AM

Control is a stupid thing. To sit across a screen thinking you have control over anything or everything is silly. I may not call myself a self professed control freak, but I very well know I tread a thin line towards Monica Gellar levels of insanity at times. Thankfully if with nothing else but with work, reason why we try to take our time before bringing any concept to life or creating content for the posts that go up. We try to put in a lot of thought before we finalize what finally goes up.

With the birth of Breviloquent, what it started as and what is has become over time does not make me very happy. Having an online and an offline image is something one cannot do much about but what you can do instead, no matter what the time of day or situation is to always find a way to learn, to do things better and to evaluate and with that realization I have plans to change a lot. From the creative freedom to the brands I “work” with to the way I put things to be able to create, inspire and produce. I say work and not endorse because Breviloquent lends its creative abilities with each collaboration we engage in. There will always be something common between Breviloquent and the aesthetics and story of the brand/label we work with and this is the sole reason we aim to produce quality over quantity.

The one trend that has been making its way back that I am personally very close to, is the 6 yards of sheer Indian-ness. Sporting a Saree on the finale of #AIFW16 India Modern, I was happy to take forward this trend that is is making its come back in various avatars. If there’s one look I wouldn’t cringe but happily carry for the rest of the months of the year, it has to be a saree look, worn in a not-so-usual way.

The newest for me has been this ethereal ready to wear denim saree with sheer delicate net detailing and drapes. Sarees are still one of the most elegant form of drapes that have existed. Shot in Belgachia that was a long drive from where I was in Calcutta, we shot in a dilapidated factory place and it was nothing less than an adventure for the team.
Breviloquent has received a lot appreciation in terms of features and opportunities in this month and I am grateful to each one of you for your support and for reading more than just seeing.

Wearing : Urban Turban statement earrings, Marlschuz heels
Photography by Darshi | Styling &amp creative direction; by Devyani Kapoor  | Post production by Sameer Sewak 

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  1. An Indian woman looks most beautiful in a saree. There, I said it words and you have portrayed it through pictures. Just love love love the way you have draped this saree.


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