Tea Party For One

8:09 PM

An afternoon tea or Victorian tea party might be one of the most delightful and/or informal affairs in the whole social round or it may be an unmitigated bore. Being in my shoes, I get to attend many and it all depends upon the hostess. If she is a wise woman she will limit her guests to the afternoon tea to the number her house/studio can accommodate with ease, and have her hours long enough to avoid all coming at the same time; she will have some regard to making her guests to her afternoon tea acquainted if they have not already met; and she will furnish forth her tea table so invitingly that those who come perfunctorily, will remain to chat over the teacups. Above all, she will try her best to personalize and customize things to the best of her efforts to please her guests. Doesn't all that sound pleasing already? 
One such High-Tea that I recently attended and the reason I am talking about it is because of the personal touch. The owner at L'opera made sure she had a message written outside the entry door for all the people visiting, which read : " We are shut due to a bloggers High-Tea happening and shall be open once we can give you undivided attention"

But wait,
One, I don't fancy Tea, pretty looking tea sets maybe.
Two, this isn't a Tea party.
And now that you have entered the party, you can't leave till I finish my last sip from that delectable tea cup. You could take a seat!
After all the traveling back and forth with a reason or two and shooting in a city I love to bits, I am finally back and working with a name from Delhi after long. 
Label Eeshav by Malvika Mathur who is an expert when it comes to customizing garments is a Delhi based Designer. 
With an eye for detail and the approach to mix unconventional colors together, Malvika from strides to make each garment as close to the persons personality. Balancing the garment with the intricate work, colors and style, this designer with no particular degree in fashion but a keen interest, brings to life to all her garments. Her approach towards Ethnic and Indo-western is far from the usual.

Photography by Vaibhav | Styling, Creative direction by Devyani Kapoor 

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