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That sweet yet sultry summer feeling, the kind which makes you want to eat watermelon for lunch, lust after all the creativity on Pinterest boards from across the globe with Angus and Julia Stone playing A Heartbreak in the background on repeat. Too specific? Let me try the commonly accepted version of a happy summer holiday—blue skies, salty hair and sandy feet—  THAT is where I wanted to spend the summer of 2016.  A casual, laid back, reminiscent of the smell of ocean salts, waking up on a relaxing holiday and soaking your feet in the warm sand each morning and night while the waves crave for your attention. But I ended up here instead, here in the by lanes of Old Delhi. From the city that I have lived in to the city that I have loved (Calcutta), there was a huge contrast when I set out to walk through this side of my city.

I met Anshum back in my college days 5 years ago when none of us knew that our paths would cross yet again and we'd be able to work on a project together. Meeting him again through social media and sharing few common interests, we'd been planning this since a long time now.
This feels like the most interesting time to be alive, for the sheer number of talented people and professionals we can come across just by a tap of the fingertip. Inspiration scouting routines which were earlier restricted only to weekend visits to the art museum, grappling for a seat at fashion week, have today been democratized to the comfort of your couch.

Coming across Pallavi Dhyani’s label Three which is already developing a distinct brand DNA. Clever cuts, interesting garment shapes, asymmetric patterns and simplicity of geometric details defines the basis of the brand.
With a fascination with stripes, the label leans towards monochromatics, that's where I realized we were on the same page. Picking one color and making it the center of her collection and exploring its infinite possibilities is what sets Three apart. Her collections so far have focused on grey, blue and army green — new neutrals that are a welcome respite from black and white with easy fabrics.
Three is a modern concoction of conceptual and wearable clothing which defies age bar with comfortable and anti fit silhouettes.
Wearing - Blur Platform Shoes, Risa suede tote.
Photography by Anshum Badoni | Styling, Creative direction and post production by Devyani Kapoor 

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