Scape Song by Gaurav Gupta - India Couture Week 2016

2:01 PM

This is a song of scape. Of fluid structures, of frozen waves. Creating new cultures of where we are. A culture not belonging to an era or place but scaping many referrals.

From Greek , Roman, Indian and English but twisted to the new eye. 
   A mood mix of modern amorphous architectural forms in vintage renditions of pearls and tassels. Of multilayered scaping skirts with sculpted corseted blouses. Swirls of organza that read of water scales or a whirling rose. Of dripping pearls and structured crystals. 
    A sense of liberation scaping in colours of the deep blue sea and the azure skies and of a restrained romance of provincial lavenders, a hinting blush and a waiting green.
This is The new age Royal. Progressive yet rooted.

Bridal couture weds Swarovski crystals in the latest innovation of Crystal fine mesh inspiring ever more dazzling expressions of creativity. Fancy stones in diverse shapes creatively compliment the denim Blue, Black diamond and clear crystal shades of the mesh. The shimmer of the crystals come alive in the most fascinating way in colors of light amethyst, Rosaline, Provence Lavender and vintage Rose from the Swarovski palette.

Pictures by Faizan Patel

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