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 Putting black words on a white paper was always easy. Picking up the stack of colors and drawing on a paper was what I wasn't very good at as a kid. While words slipped easily for me, images couldn't and I would wonder how painters do the trick of making sense with their images and colors and strokes and ideas, all at once.

We all have our ways of expressing and while words are kind to me, colors to a fabric is Manika's game. Shooting for the INDIA RUNWAY WEEK campaign for this budding designer, I was only amazed at how she puts her thoughts on the fabrics with hand painted motifs. Bringing together different fabrics to amalgamate them into a free flowing beauty, is what Sureka is blessed with. Highly inspired by the make in India movement and the love for the hand loom, she shows the impact hand loom can have with a twist in her collection "The Flute Enchanter"
Making her way to the first ever fashion show,  Chanderi is the labels all time favorite along with amalgamation of the rich Benaras weaves and the classy South Indian kanjeevaram and ikat weaves.

Manika's expertise is certainly mixing fabrics and using colors in their best form. The Flute Enchater will see the color blue dominating the runway with hand motifs and a lot of royal outlook. “It’s Lord Krishna’s favourite colour, whose life has inspired me to create this line,” she says. Motifs symbolic of the cowherd prince—flowers, peacocks, cows hand-painted on fabric made of a blend of Chanderi, Benarasi and Kanjeevaram silks along with Gota work on apparel with easy, flowy silhouettes is what she brings to the ramp this September.
Breviloquent has played a major part in designing the campaign and to see it all finally taking shape, it makes me immensely happy to have seen the label grow from scratch to finally make a mark on the 7th edition of India Runway Week, winter festive in Delhi.

Photography and post production by Ankit Mathur
Muse : (From left to right) Monalisha Mahapatra, Devyani Kapoor, Pallavi Chaturvedi
Concept and production : Breviloquent
Location Courtesy : Molecule Gurgaon

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