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Freedom ring, Freedom Bangle, Fantastic Earrings
Fabulously Necklace
Flame Open Necklace 
 Allure Tea lights

 Fantastic Neckpiece
 Fun Ring
Fun Ring, Fun Bangle 
 Fabulously Necklace, Forward Double Ring
 Fabulously Necklace , Forward Double Ring
Allure tea lights
 Fantastic Earrings
Index finger : Forward Open Ring, Ring finger : Fun ring, Fun bangle 
If you want see kolkata in real festive mood you have to visit Kolkata during Durga Puja
This is a five a day festival dedicated to the worship of Hindu Goddess Durga.  This tradition dates back 250 years. Back in the days, Durga Puja used to be only organized by the wealthy people of Bengal, mostly the Zaminders (Landlords). Eventually, common people started pulling in money to organise this festival.
 It starts with making of the Idol of Goddess Durga killing Mahishasur, a demon with the face of a buffalo.
Every year, the artists (kumhars) in Kumortuli (North Calcutta) make the idols of Maa Durga for the biggest festival in Bengal. The festival that has the entire community come together to celebrate with pomp and splendor. The city doesn't sleep for those 5 days but there is this group which spends several days and nights to bring the Gods to life.

The idols of Goddess Durga made in Kumortuli apart from other small places, a place where groups of potters toil day and night to give the shape to the idol after a ritual called “Kathamopuja”. Kathamojuja is a  prayer to the god before making the structure made out of straws. After the initial straw structure, clay is added to the idol. The clay for idols is collected from the holy Ganges river with an age-old custom of procuring a handful of soil which is called “Holy Soil” (In Bengali Punnaa Mati) that is mixed with the clay, which goes into the making Goddess Durga idol. Holy Soil or the Punnaa Mati is collected from Red light area which is considered as a good omen. Another very important important event in the process of making Goddess, is “Chokkhu Daan”. The literal meaning of “Chokkhu Daan” is donation of eyes, or the painting of the eyes of the idol. This happen on “Mahalaya” where the artists fast for a day making it the toughest part of making of the idol.

After finishing the clay structure, they paint the Goddess with colour and decorated her with jewelry.

Jewelry forms the highlight of the festival from the Durga Idols to the Bengali ladies who are decked up in their best attire during the entire festival.
Swarovski's Fall Winter 16 collection inspired from stars, galactic orbs and all forms of celestial glory with a mix and match with modern and organic shapes have both dainty as well as huge pieces to go well with the occasion. From neck pieces, earrings to rings and bracelets the new collection has a lot of my favorites specially for the biggest festival in Calcutta.
Swarovski has envisioned a crystal galaxy as the inspiration behind chic pieces to wear it during day or night.
The allure collection brings the most stylish and elegant home accessory - tea lights, that come in Gold, Silver and Rose gold which harmonizes perfectly in every environment.


Photography and editing by Ananya Rijhwani 
Concept and styling : Devyani Kapoor
Location : Piano Man Jazz Club

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