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Singapore!  You really took me by surprise. It’s not that I didn’t expect you to be great. I did! I just didn’t expect you to be that great.  From the minute I landed at the Changi Airport to my last minute shopping there, my trip was jam-packed with good times.  The weather was perfect, with hints of rain every now and then. I hadn’t walked so much in a long time, and it felt so good to be outside in the fresh air by the sea.  The best part about this trip was being able to reconnect with myself. It was a well planned trip which gave me enough space to go around and explore the city, From the traffic rules to the eating habits and yes, the shopping habits, it was all a new experience.

Sentosa : If you aren't staying in Sentosa, which is an (huge) island in Singapore, you HAVE TO visit it for atleast a day. With beaches, brands, adventure and everything you can think of, staying in Sentosa was indeed a good idea (of course a little costly on the pocket)
Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom : Sentosa Extreme will expose you to a lot of things that will have you excited. One of them was the butterfly park and insect kingdom with species you might never have even read about.
Luge and Sky Ride : If heights don't scare you and speed doesn't hold you back, Sentosa Extreme will make you happy with its adventure rides.
Water Safari and Night Safari : Animals you have never seen. Animals you have only read about in books. The water safari and night safari will show you around while you sit and enjoy the scenic beauty and the silence of the forest and appreciate the extinct species.
Gemini Cruise to Malaysia : You will have to make your booking way in advance if you wish to experience the cruise life. A 2 night stay at the cruise has been the best water experience for me. While you are there, be ready to spend some at the casino. The food and the quick service along with the shopping experience at your service at all times.
Clarke Quay : This place happened to me by chance! If you are a 'Before Sunrise' fan, you will know what I mean here. I met a stranger and we kept talking while we walked around the city right before I had to take my flight. Clarke Quay as I was told is something you cannot miss. A riverside festival village dedicated to good times, dining options, shopping and a lot of walking. Sit by the river side at one of the posh joints to have your meal while you see around to believe where you are.
Outfir details : Yepme Shift Dress, Osca Donna oxfords.
Outfit Details : Yepme Wrist watch
Lady M : You cannot miss Merelion Park when in the Lion City. A major tourist attraction and a landmark park, it is filled with places. The one that caught my eye was Lady M. One espresso shot and a slice of Red Velvet cake will leave you satisfied. Being my last stop, this will always be my favorite cafe in Singapore
Le Meridian, Sentosa : Staying in Le Meridien, I was exposed to a host of drinks and festivals happening not only for us but also for outsiders. If you are a wine person, the hotel offers you a variety. The pool side coffee will still be my favorite I have ever had.
Sentosa Extreme : One corner of this huge place will serve you a little cup of Masala Chai. If you are visiting this place for sightseeing and adventure, stop over for your dose of chai.
Panda Park, Jungle Safari : Cappuccino is your dose? A huge cup? One that has a huge Panda on it? While at the Jungle Safari, you will walk through a Panda theme park, that is where you get your dose of caffeine,

Outfit Deatils : Three shirt, Yepme slip ons
Jungle Safari, Panda outlet : It took me few minutes to decide if I wanted to down everything I had ordered for it was adorable. If you go "Aww" everytime you see Pandas, make sure you eat here. I ordered the local cuisine along with a Panda Red Bean Bao.
Anant Parbat (Mustafa) : If you are an Indian, craving for some Indian street food (which I wasnt, but I still tried) Little India will remind you of your local street side Indian joints. Crazily packed with both people and eating places, only visit if you miss India while in Singapore.
Ulu Ulu Restaurant : This must be last on your list, after which you should pack your bags to get back to your country. The food here post the night safari will remind you of the tastes and flavors from back home.

Vivo City Mall : A tram ride away from Sentosa, this mall has the major brands that you might want to splurge on along with other local brands from Singapore. The brands might be the same as in India, but the collection (Trust me you) is way better than what you will get once you fly back.
Universal : Universal Studios! (Enough said?!) This is where you will want to spend on everything. But mind you, it is expensive but it is worth it.
Bugis Street : Budget shopping with more than 600 shops offering fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. Keep this last on your list.
City Square, Little India : Being right opposite to City Square I visited the place atleast 5 times in a day. You might not find big brands but the ones that are present will offer you the best in shoes and clothes at great offers.

Outfit Deatils : Scarf by Charu Desi, Accessorize sunnies, Only shorts, Forver21 Shirt
Outfit Details : Turquoise and Gold sarong, Chumbak tote.
Passport cover by Charu Desi

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