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Hat - Accessorize, Stole - Lacoste, LBD- Yep Me, Sling - Swarang, Boots - Dulla, Wrist Watch - Timex Weekender
Hat - Accessorize, Stole - Lacoste, Top - Zara (Singapore), Jeans - Marks & Spencer, Boots - Shillong local market

Hat - Accessorize, Stole - Lacoste, Top - H&M (Singapore), Jeans - Marks & Spencer, Sling - Swarang, Boots - Shillong local market, Wrist Watch - Timex Weekender
Hat - Accessorize, Stole - Lacoste, LBD - Yep Me, Overcoat - SR Store, Boots - Shillong local market
Hat - Accessorize, Stole - Lacoste, Top - Zara (Singapore), Boots - Dulla, Bag - Caprese

Every year around this time I find myself missing the chill from years ago. Winter has always been my favorite time of year…the nights are longer, the air smells fresh and crisp, plus I get to take out all of my favorite winter threads…in moderation that is. The season now is much milder, so I get to milk layers and bare legs a little longer than how it used to be years ago during these months.  To get ready for the season ahead, I partnered with Lacoste and few of my other winter constants to style some winter looks. I have always loved the versatility of winter styles, wearing them all over town. My first stop? The art district.
Classic denim, light layers, and boots: this look is one I always gravitate toward this time of year. It’s simple and easy for those busy days, no matter where you may end up.  These Dulla boots have lasted me a full two season. The best part about the boots is that they have a ruggedness to them while still looking polished.

The two constants for all the looks I used was a warm, fuzzy shawl c/o Lacoste's new french collection and a hat from Accessorize. The two accessories we all have in our winter wardrobe.

In the other news, I am yet again moving houses. Everything is absolutely chaotic here. While there's a lot of traveling to do side by side, it's getting a bit messy here. But it is my favorite time of the year and I wont complain much. Trust me doing up your own space is equal parts effort and excitement. I am planning to get my love for minimalism and white for the entire house. Painting it all white with minimalist decor. Once it all comes together, it should look exactly how I have imagined it in my head. Happy chilly weather until then!

Photography by Ankit Mathur
Concept Art and styling : Devyani Kapoor

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