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Risking the most treasured feature gets your adrenaline going. When I first heard about this, it sent shivers down my body. Further on researching and clicking on every link I saw on the internet, I was ready to take this chance and play with my eyes.
All through the years, I have had people compliment them and notice how surprisingly long my natural lashes are. Taking my lashes game a notch higher, I was introduced to Novalash (Noida, where I got my first sitting done from). A technique of putting individual false lashes (in bunches) on your single lashes to increase the volume and make them look even longer. We all despise everything new that comes with a risk like this, so did I.
Will I loose my natural lashes?
Will my eyes get effected?
Can I sleep normally?
When will they come off?
I had these and so many more such questions which I sat down and discussed with the professionals before I handed them my most precious feature.
A 90 minute long process where they lay you down with eyes closed and work on putting one lash at a time. The result?
It will make you want to keep them forever!
But sadly, they last for a month before they start falling off themselves. To my surprise I had kept them way too well by the end of the month when I visited Polish in Chattarpur, where they used the same technique for my refilling. The good folks at polish did a second sitting for me where they again placed false lashes in places they had fallen from in a month. 45 minutes later, they looked exactly how they did when I initially got them done.
At Novalash, Noida, they used the american volume which comes in bunches. Starting from 10mm, 12mm and then going to 14mm (Which indian's hardly get done, but mine are exceptionally longer naturally which let them use 14mm for me)
At Polish, Chattarpur, using the Nova Minx technique which means putting a single lash on my lash, they redid the entire process to fill the gaps.

Two months later, I am loving the change.

The care involves not rubbing you eyes and using the eye make remover by Novalash which protects the lashes and keeps adding shine to them.
The lashes fall themselves which worries me less now. You will hardly need to spend doing up your eyes before stepping out. I have been on a no make up schedule and it has only been nice.

While I was at it, I got my nail extensions from Novalash (Noida) and the refilling from Polish (Chattarpur)
It is just alright to change few things at times! To the new year. Cheers!

(Newly opened in Noida in Mall of India)

(Chattarpur, using all natural products tried and tested by the owners themselves)

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