Firecracker Flower

12:48 AM

Creative freedom is underrated. With so many things to tag and cage, ART isn't one.
Art is subjective, art is yours and mine and theirs, to appreciate, criticize and live for and live with.
All said and done, nothing beats the freedom to create with likeminded people and for likeminded people. From a seemingly honest appreciation for what you do and how you do and signing in to let you work your way? Those are golden words right there.
This shoot was exactly that.
Thinking, Ideating, executing seems easier on paper than when you take it upon yourself to travel few miles to make the ink meet the reality. Traveling to Jaipur a week ago was a task I gave to myself while I was still working on few personal stories.
My disagreement with creating something that looks a little bit like this that comes from nowhere, is, that why would I want to create something that looks anything like something which already exists? I have been pulled down and held up high for my choice of work and expression but in the end, this is One - for me, Two- for likeminded people like I mentioned above. If you have trouble understanding or my expression of art irks you, it was certainly not for you, we could leave this for the next discussion.
Coming to clients, I despise those sudden brief changes where the previous conversation exists no more while there is a new brief under the guise of ‘creative freedom,’ which let me tell you means nothing. Out of thin air, your freedom to think and execute and create is caged and all you get are few pointers that bind you from thinking beyond. I steer clear of such obnoxious people from hiring me and expecting their brief to be put out in colors they understand but my brain denies to comprehend.

Shooting with Mati comes as no surprise, for she (Fatima) knows where we both come from in terms of our creative faculties. Somebody whose work and aesthetics aligns with what I do, she carves nature-inspired silhouettes with earthy organic fabrics as if it comes to her as a natural skill. Mati and Breviloquent go long back when we worked together, here, in my favorite city to bring out the essence of the city of joy that her creations embodied. Mati is all about shapes a.k.a "Aakaar" in Sanskrit. Working with "Aboli" Aakar was both easy and difficult for it opens up a world full of options and ideas. Meaning Firecracker Flower, it takes a petal like shape that not only compliments any body type but also lets you breathe free. 


On Devyani :
Mutiyaar earrings - Nakhrewaali
Photography by Ankit Mathur
 Conceptualization and art direction by Devyani Kapoor 
Shot at 28kothi

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