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11:16 PM

Sitting with a journalist two days ago, who traveled all the way to interview an "influencer" and to know what and how has the journey been for me for his story, I traveled back to where it all began for me TWO years back.
While talking to him it all seemed like a cake walk. But, was it so two years back?
The answer would be a crisp NO.
Giving up on a well settled job, with few extra degrees in hand and a monotonous 9 to 5 schedule brings with it not only a huge risk, but a lot more than one would expect.
From will it go the way I have planned to will it bring me happiness or even, will my family and friends accept me and my decision?
The money part has never worried me even though I gave up on a stable-well playing job to see my dream take shape, nevertheless it was a huge leap of faith.
To put it into clear words, it was the best late night decision that made me wear the pants in the relationship with my work, the only one that has lasted this long!
It was a very well thought decision which shaped up in 2014 after 3 years of thinking and working upon it when I quit being a journalist and a digital media professional and jumped into being a full time blogger. (one term which is highly abused now-a-days.)
The first year was very crucial considering things were still shaping up and I was making my way to the right side of this blurry road.
Was it easy?
This big bad world will make sure you meet all sorts of people, leaving it on you to choose who stays by the end and who makes you learn your lesson before they make an exit and I am very blessed to have some very supportive friends and my family who have stood by me all through this while.
From being the man in the relationship to being my own rockstar,  Breviloquent has seen both good and tough days and the latter has only made both me and Breviloquent who we are today.
I am absolutely grateful to each one of you for your support and constant criticism that has only helped me do better than the last time. While I am here not to compete but to do my best and give a sky space to creativity and expression, I am happy to have some amazing colleagues who have pushed me forward to create even better.

BREVILOQUENT is, because of you all, the lovely brands who put in their faith and confidence in me and my team, Ankit Mathur, my constant support and a lovely friend and all my photographers who bring out the best in me and the blog and inspire me to conceptualize better each time.
In the end, Breviloquent has my back (quite literally now) and I will keep bringing you the best.

Keep believing in you and your decisions. If something doesn't make you happy, have the courage to change it. The morning is yours to start new.



On Devyani :
Pataka Guddi earrings - Nakhrewaali
Pink spiked shoes - Radika J
Shop here
Ninth tattoo c/o - Inkinn Studio by Max

Photography by (my constant) Ankit Mathur
 Conceptualization and art direction by Devyani Kapoor 

Here's what I am playing -

1. Beautiful Tango - Hindi Zehra
2. Stand Up - Hindi Zehra
3. Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware
4. Playground Love - Air
5. Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby - Cigarettes After Sex
6. In A Bar -Tango With Lions
7. Kitchen Door - Wolf Larsen
8. Open - Rhye
9. Just Once - Shura
10. Memories of an Old Friend Album - Angus and Julia Stone

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