Royal Affair

8:51 PM

Truly the city of royals, Jaipur was a royal treat for Breviloquent. Being in the city for a week long, we were exposed to the city's different sides. From the quiet to the roots to the forts and ending it quite royally at his highness' palace for the gala night. If you've been following me on the social channels, you will know how beautifully royal the last night in the city was for us.
We had the opportunity to be a part of the gala event at the palace with the royal family where the royal sport - POLO was getting it's new avatar.
A royal sport that traces it's history back to when the nomadic tribes from central Asia played their version of the game mounted on a horse back.
Polo was flourishing even when history was a legend. Being an expensive sport, it is usually played by only a handful of people since buying horses is not everybody's game.
Having attended the conference where Mr. Chirag Parekh showed us the other side of the game, introducing a whole new concept - Champions Polo League, which would be more accessible, more opportunistic and mostly open for the common man. Smaller area, in an arena which can connect to the masses, flood lit since it'll be played at night at top class venues, slit opening the battle ground for a new avatar of Polo.
Reinventing the sport of kings from it's regal isolation and making it more accessible to a wider audience. A sport that dates beyond recorded history, a sport that is not just a sport but a conflict for supremacy, a sport that binds together the ferocity of man and animal, a sport that will rewrite history by breaking the shackles of royalty- first ever Polo League of India, March 2017.

Here's the taste of Royalty as we experienced as the night came to a close in the city of Royals.

On Devyani - Floral frame embellished evening dress by Eshakti , Golden petal earrings by Nimai, shoes by Marschuz.
Shot at the Royal Palace, Jaipur

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