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What brought me here? The one question I spiral back to every year in December.
Probably the best late night decision I’ve made that has actually lasted the test of time. Blogger? It’s a dirty word. “But I’m not like other bloggers,” is what I’d almost want to say-- I’m not a sellout. I value the written word. We’re searching for more than just #OOTDs on this space.
Quitting a well paying job in 2014 to take up Breviloquent and the path that follows has been my favorite decision, 
BREVILOQUENT turns TWO officially on the 24th December and there's nothing that makes me this happy. To see this baby gradually grow and still walk the path I paved in 2011 unofficially. 

Last weekend, I had the chance to experience luxury at it's very best at PVR Director's Cut in Delhi. While the usual experience of watching a movie is just about watching the movie and walking out, Director's Cut takes that experience a notch higher.
With the Den being introduced for the Sapphire members, the entire experience has been tastefully created with vintage furnishing and wine cellar like features.
Artworks reminiscent of the most famed vineyards, Simply Sushi that promises you the best Sushi experience and a living room like feel, the Den makes sure to make you feel at home with all the possible luxury.
The food menu spans from Japan to France along with the wines from around the world.
Letting you host private parties to binge watching series or even business meetings, the Den let's you do this and more at your comfort. With the most hospitable staff, we were truly given a taste of luxury while we still felt at home. The chef's are available for a quick chat or to customize your meal along with Saurabh and the other team members at the PVR Director's Cut.
The Sapphire members have the comfort of being picked and dropped for their movie apart from other services offered to them. 

December being the happiest month, there's a lot more coming up. It's the birthday month after all! 

Photography by Ankit Mathur
On Devyani : Customized evening dress by EShakti

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