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A home away from home, that is what Calcutta is for me. By now you must know of my immense love for the city of joy. There is nothing that makes me this happy than being here around the yellow taxis and puchkas and beautiful stories waiting to be explored.
Rightly so, we have a lot of art that emerges from this particular city. There is so much to be inspired from, from sitting by yourself on the ghats to walking aimlessly in Park Street to even sitting by a street side to hear  the sound of the city.
What changed this time was that I did this for myself. We live all our lives pleasing people, forgetting to live for ourselves. Neck deep in work and other distractions, we forget the actual meaning of enjoying "your" life.
This solo trip was to live few days by myself out of the life that I have created for myself. No photographer, no help, no people, just me and my wish to do whatever I wanted to do.

I stayed in a 100 year old house called "The Old Kolkata House" on the Rabindra Sadan Road and went around from one end of the city to another ticking my Kolkata wishlist.
Photographs are from, Park Street, Hindustan Park, my home stay, The Roy's house in Behala, St. Paul's Cathedral, AKLF, and everywhere and anywhere I wanted to go.

All through my trip, I had been receiving messages about how 'cool' I am to be doing this all alone and how traveling alone sounds so simple from my pictures and live videos that I recorded here
1. I only show you the best part. 
2. Traveling alone (more so when you are a woman) is a big struggle. More with yourself than outside.
3. From finding your way to looking for a doctor ( I had my bathtub full of blood since I cut my foot a little bad and finding a doctor in an unknown city is not easy)
4. This happens after a lot of research and homework, more so when you know no one in the city.
5. Sleeping alone in a huge mansion scared me like nothing else, I might have had a sleepless night or two.
6. BUT, forget all this and go do it by yourself cause it is SO LIBERATING

Pictures by Devyani Kapoor
Clicked and edited on iPhone 6

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