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While a lot has been said about women since ages, about how they should dress, talk, behave, present themselves and I won't delve into further details. With the ongoing fiasco, I am not sure who to blame since this has been going on since time immemorial. What is fashion today was a way to judge which family and which class you belonged to. Saree which is considered to be 6 yards of complete indian-ness has been making its way back in forms one can only imagine and appreciate. With designers like Anavila bringing a twist to this piece of clothing, it opens up our clogged thinking into what all could be created with a piece which was a mere judgement years ago.
A woman was judged on how low or high from the ankle and how covered she was when wearing a saree. Times have changed and so needs to be our thinking.
From the usual blouses that blended in all this while to experimental brands like Hathi that do not shy away from creating and experimenting with trends, a lot has changed.
A lot of this has to do with Fashion at the same time knowledge that helps you put your best foot forward with utmost confidence in what you are doing.
I as an individual experiment a lot in my everyday life which only comes with a lot of research. Wearing something drastically different needs you to pull it with a lot of confidence and I for one, wear it with my head high.
From Fashion week where you get to experiment without being judged to everyday life where you try to change the trends, it isn't a cake walk.
To meet all the factors, I spoke to someone who is treading forward to create something which won't go out of Fashion ever - "Smart conversations"

An application that I got my hands on a month ago and wanted to share with you too. I have finally found something that fits easily into my everyday schedule so that I can keep myself updated on all that’s buzzing/trending- TESH

Why did you think we needed an application like Tesh in a busy world like ours?
That was exactly the reason why. Thanks to internet and social media, there’s so much content that’s generated, making it impossible to follow everything. And there’s social pressure to not be ignorant about what’s trending. In a busy world where the race is to walk forward quite literally, what one lacks is knowledge to back that up with. 
There is hardly any time and almost no space in our lives to know everything happening around us. I created Tesh for people on the go, mostly women who are so busy doing everything but need to stay updated about current news. Tesh literally "home delivers" news in a way that is useful, more conversational and easily digestible, we simplify it in a way that it is easily understood. The idea is to give a quick overview of the latest stuff people are talking about and enable the readers to participate in discussions, give comments, develop opinions and even start conversations.

Do you cover everything under the sun? How does one absorb all that?
We cover things which you “need to know”, which you should not miss out on – regardless of the subject  area. From breaking news to viral content..but we don’t categorise topics into sports or business.. we cover the hot topics per day which could be from Fashion to Politics to Lifestyle to Sports and more to keep you updated with everything that happened on that particular day from a readers/users perspective and not a journalistic perspective. 

Is Tesh the new style statement?
Smart conversation is chic and something that won't go out of trend. Looking smart and talking smart isn't a statement but a necessity to survive in the society. We have all seen and laughed at Alia Bhatt for her negligence and lack of knowledge. But, she isn't to be blamed. We all are so busy doing everything that we forget staying updated. That is exactly what we are trying to inculcate with Tesh. Making sure you are ready to strike a conversation and have a point of view without been ignored in a bunch discussing something relevant.

Are you like the newspaper vendor who delivers news in time?
We are just way more modern. We’re on email, website, app – whatever suits you, whenever you want. And you can read anytime you’re free. Even if you miss reading the paper one day, you’ll get it all there. We send you daily news updates on our app/website in the morning and weekly news on Friday which covers everything you need to know to make a comment when that is being discussed, thereby making it easier for you :

On Devyani :

Ruffle blouse - Hathi
Pataka Guddi earrings - Nakhrewaali
Tan Shoes - Radika J
Photography by Ankit Mathur
 Conceptualization and art direction by Devyani Kapoor 

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  1. Hi Devyani...really loved the outfit...big fan of ethnic wear...would love to read more!!


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