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Wandering through where once pure royalty trod, I found my story. A story that shall never read "This too shall pass". Mine would be the one that will make me and many inspire to go out and live it for yourself. Being the youngest in the family, yet never spoon fed, I was always taught to fend for myself while I will always have someone standing behind to catch me if I fall.
In 2017, I want to change the last bit a little by not having anybody to hold me when I fall. I want to fall and I want to get up only to know and learn to fall in a different manner the next time.
We all fall but only few of us learn and that is perfectly alright. Year 2016 ended on a royal platter where I traveled to beautiful places to weave stories and gain experiences with my team.
The age old architecture and stories of the era gone by had me inspired to create better.
I have my bags packed and while my mind wanders through the tasks I have to finish before I leave again, I cannot but appreciate people who draw inspiration from the most negligible things. Having an eye for details, a keen eye that notices and appreciates what a lot of us ignore or choose not to give importance to.

While I walked through the royal palace and forts, I made it a point to notice what inspired Rajdeep Ranawat to create his new collection. Most of us have been to Jaipur but hardly do we delve deep in to the minute details of the wall art, the structure and the age old architecture. The Jaipur inspired collection explores some of the palaces and the age old art found in the pink city. Exploring and capturing the surviving motifs, the collection is a fresh take on the vintage wall art. Correctly travel teaches a man more than anything else.

This year I plan to travel to places I have always only put down in my to-do lists, this might mean a lot of on the go thoughts, that I shall put down here and a lot of new experiences that I will keep for myself to cherish, I will also start writing more.
One thing that happened post the Jaipur trip is me taking Photography a bit more seriously. I plan to learn the technicalities and get better at it. The Calcutta Photo-story and all the comments I received have been a motivation enough to buckle up my shoes and make this happen.


Silver earrings by Boheme

Photography and editing by Ankit Mathur
 Conceptualization and styling by Devyani Kapoor 

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