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We hadn't even rung the huge bell that comfortably sat under the address plate , but were still greeted with "We had been waiting for you."
I don't remember being greeted with so much warmth and oh! the fresh mint drink in any of my stacations till date. Walk into 28 Kothi on the Civil Lines in Jaipur and you'll wonder why Before Sunrise or even Before Sunset shot here.

A quaint luxury boutique guest house in the heart of the city, it surely isn't what your usual luxury hotels are like. Built on a beautiful concept, it is one of its kind guest house.
If you an avid TV addict, a loud music and party person, "please serve me my food in my room until I am here"- THIS PLACE IS NOT FOR YOU.
Instead, 28Kothi is a beautiful experience that you will cherish until you come back again to pick your tasseled keys from the gorgeous and warm woman that Insia is (General Manager at 28Kothi) to walk back into a room you will never want to leave. With five rooms in all, our's was called "Sapphire" which had an attached lush green terrace.
It is certainly a home away from, an oasis.

I had never been to Jaipur before and this being my first experience I wanted it to be a special one. I said special and 28Kothi took it upon them to make the special happen in all possible ways. Walking into the quiet and peaceful property, the decor with the birds chirping in the background confirmed me on my choice of place that I had picked to stay for 2 days.
Walk through the huge brown door and the next moment you'll be teleported to peace, quiet and tranquility, Even though being in the middle of the busy city, is still cut away from the monotony of everyday life.

Set up within a lush green surrounding, this is just the right place to go, unwind and spend some time by yourself while the staff at 28Kothi pampers you with so much that they have to offer. Every morning at Kothi is a a whole new experience, starting from the menu which isn't a fixed-monotonous one but instead they prepare what you wish to have,
With salads being their best preparation, the staff matches upto exactly what you ask for.
Starting your morning with a cup of tea in your room or with a yoga session or even in the absolutely beautiful library, the place has taken care of all your needs. While we stayed there for two days, which seemed very less when it was time to go, I tried to experience everything that this place had to offer.

An in house spa and massage facility that one could avail on prior request, you will have no reason to step out of the property.
With a request to celebrate Ankit's birthday, we were absolutely chuffed at their service. With food so sumptuous and Deepchand ji's extravagant table decor expertise to let us make the day special, we owe it to 28Kothi to have made it so beautiful and very much at home.

Staying away from the city rush, we mainly spent or time with ourselves, introspecting and reflecting and taking some time out to breathe fresh air. The property is aesthetically so pleasing, giving you time to stop d appreciate everything that has been carefully placed. 

While they say, people make a place, at 28Kothi everything is intertwined. The staff grows with the place and the place grows because of them. These people will have you come back for the love and warmth that they have to offer while you are away fro you home. 28Kothi had us leave with a experience which was very new yet very personal. Kothi life in it's truest meaning!

While our stay, we recorded a little documentary 


Shot by Ankit Mathur

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