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She is a model, so she needs to wear tight. She has the body and she has the height. So she needs to wear thin and she needs to wear it right.
The models may be thin as ever, but they’re finally walking down the ramp in designs that fit the typical Indian body type that the rest of us have.
Let's now talk about an every day person. The person that you and I are. The person we hide and the person we'd like to show. Most of us are accustomed to the "right way of dressing" or the "usual way of dressing" which involves- hide where it hurts and show where it feels good.

Being an Anti Fit person in this not so fitting society, I hardly do it the way it's done and I am all for Anti-fit clothing. Being in the news recently for my way of dressing - here let me help you break out of the usual.
Gone are the days when ‘figure flattering’ was synonymous with body-hugging, tummy-tucking, take a deep-breath-before-putting-on clothing. Gone are the days when a certain trend told you what you should be wearing - I am short and I am not skinny and I choose to wear everything I wish to wear and I let nobody tell me "This isn't how you dress".
Lately I have switched to anti-fits since it fits my way of thinking and putting out myself. The biggest misconception surrounding anti-fit clothing is that it’s just an oversized garment that fits like a sack. On the contrary, anti-fit is relaxed and easy clothing that has a specific form and structure. Comfort reigns supreme with anti-fit silhouettes replacing form-fitted ones.
With a Mati off shoulder aakar or a Door of Maai anti fit organic shirt dress, getting into an anti-fit outfit that’s cut to one’s size feels good and can be quite liberating. 
Asymmetrical cuts and drapes that are not just for curvier women but works equally well on super-toned bodies and petite forms, for me, anti-fit started with wearing boyfriend's shirt as sort of a beginning of a certain anti-fit attitude towards dressing. From there to here. where I choose to wear anti-fits, my way of dressing has come a long way and it is as acceptable as yours is, for you don't need an acceptance on how you put yourself out.

“Anti-fit is a coming of age movement and a paradigm shift in dressing with confidence.”

Blue off shoulder chatri aakar - Mati
Striped shirt dress - Door of Maai
Silver earrings - Te Maya
Mojris - Mouve
Silk scarf - Charu Desi
Boots - H&M

Photography Ananya Rijhwani 
Conceptualization and styling : Devyani Kapoor

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