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I remember how as a kid who was studying literature "in the confines of my four walls" used to be my favorite phrase. I wanted to be the protagonist who would use it every now and then. I was Jane one moment and Maggie Tulliver the next. And I would actually use it as much in real life, more because I always liked to be in the confines of my walls. While this was just a phrase like many others back then, it is the reality of the world we live in now.
Dress up the way you want to but in confines, do not say what and how you feel out too loud- do it in the confines of your limits, do whatever you wish to in confines but not when you are exposed to the outside world.
That was all about growing up, what happened post that was NOT-SO-CONFINED. 
Taking it from the Anti-Fit post moving out of the confines has always made me even more confident.
You might think that the anti-fit fad has been around for decades going by the oversized sweatshirts and baggy boyfriend jeans of the ’80s. But what then was merely termed as loose clothing strictly meant for comfort has come back in a chic and modern avatar.
Today’s anti-fit silhouettes effortlessly combine style with comfort which was not the case earlier
For adventurous dressers, a loose shirt dress, or a free-flowing blouse over an A-line skirt is one way of embracing the trend from head-to-toe and keeping the colour palette neutral prevents the look from being too jarring. 

The GLU Affair T-shirt dress is yet another twist to the not so fitted way of dressing. Moving out of their confines, The GLU Affair design clothes for the not so usual people. Taking inspiration from music to fruits and vegetables or even Godzilla, they do it their own way and yet stand out. An art-based fashion brand that aims at promoting art, art-movements and artists from across the globe by blending “art with fashion” and creating a counter culture whose ethos ought to differ from the mainstream trends.

Photography Ananya Rijhwani 
Conceptualization and styling : Devyani Kapoor

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