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Another season of Fashion Week culminated. While everybody tried too hard to catch 'em eyes (more so the cameras), I tried to keep it real and stick to my personal style. This is what I wear in real life and the same was worn for the reel life. We all have our own personal style and what better than to carry it forward during this time of the year. My personal style is a lot inspired from the city of joy- Calcutta and that is exactly what I worked on for AIFWAW17 with the patent red bindi being constant. Most of my outfits also focused on recycle, reuse and reduce. Read about them below.


I met Meghna in Calcutta last month and a 20 minute meeting became an hour long conversation before we knew, Her ideologies and the effort to give back her best to the environment kept me engaged and inspired and I knew she would be designing my opening garment the moment she told me the story about the shirt that screams USE LESS SHIT

The shirt has been made out of "useless shit" quite literally. The fabric used for decorating pandals during Pujo which is of no use later and is either used for cleaning machines or thrown into the sea as well as the sarees that you give in exchange of utensils have been collected from different parts of Kolkata, sanitized and made into a garment that comes from a beautiful initiative. Meghna's will to protect the environment is so inspiring and this shirt became such a big statement in itself with an utilitarian approach that I had to take forward her story for the rest of us to know and work along on it.

The skirt on the other hand is made out of Khesh (reused sarees) which are procured from Shantiniketan to recycle them into beautiful garments by Karishma Siddique Roy. 

While everything here came from Calcutta, the hath rickshaw bag just complimented the whole look. One of Fatima's first collection inspired from Calcutta and photographs from the street, this Mati bag made it's appearance yet again.

Crop shirt by LATA SITA
Khesh Skirt by KSR
Hath Rickshaw tote by MATI
Boots from HnM


Anjani and I have known each other for about a year now and while I have adopted her brand Hathi, this was a soft launch of her new collection called "EL TORO" that goes live soon. Anjani designs her motifs for her capsule collections and all the collections have such interesting stories. From a bee sting to the fish reaching it's city, this collection is an interplay of masculine and feminine with a bull motif. The details are designed out of left over faric to prevent any wastage.

Talking of details, I came across Kitsch by Nik from Ahmadabad who designs art jewelry while incorporating oxidized silver, fabrics and shells into her creations. 

Long dress and Cape by HATHI
Neckpiece by KITSCH BY NIK
Bag by LILA
Nose pin by AMRAPALI


This was undoubtedly my favorite day. I am all for sarees and I doubt any other garment can make me feel as comfortable as I feel while carrying a saree. I make it a point to wear saree for one of the days and this one came all the way from Calcutta. I buy all my sarees from a mansion converted into a store called ByLoom in Hindustan Park. This saree was bought during my last visit and I knew this was going to be worn at the fashion week the moment I got my eyes on it.

To add a twist to the 9 yards of indian-ness I pared the saree with an one shoulder shirt than a usual blouse. The striped shirt added to the India Modern factor to my bengali saree which was worn with oxfords and Lennon glasses.

Since everything was designed to keep Calcutta the center, Nidhi offered to create custom made earrings for me. Being the very sweet person that she is, she agreed to keep the red and white combination to add to my Bengali factor and made these statement earrings that caught a lot of attention. More so, got this look featured in a magazine in MILAN.

Saree from BYLOOM
Shirt from ISTRI STORY
Earrings by JUNE CHAPTER
Bag from QUIRK BOX

 DAY 4

The final day asked for all the attention and it got it. The maximum features that this look bagged, it was one of the last minute decisions. Meeting Rinchen for less than 2 minutes at Dastakar in Delhi, had me go back to her to speak about her work. After a lot of wait and deciding on the look, we decided to go with her new collection. Rinchen does shibori like I haven't seen before. After understanding my personal style, she created a dhoti saree look with immensely beautiful details and left it onto me to take it forward. The most comfortable garment that got approval from Amazon along with multiple features this season.

Adding oxfords to this look only made sense to add up to the quirk factor and to tone down the feminine factor. The Casablanca bag is by now my staple for every fashion week. I carry it on the last day and it just might be too lucky for me, for everytime I carry it, I get featured the most.

The last minute look that this was, Sakhi came on board to add her statement piece to this look. She added the earrings, I added my nakras and we were set for the last day of the fashion week.

Shibori dhoti saree by LABEL RINCHEN
Oxfords by BLUR BOOK
Tote by House of Tara

While the looks changed everyday, the red bindi that has somehow become my patent stayed. I kept the bindi constant to keep the focus on the city that is full of art and culture and the city that has always welcomed me with its arms wide open. To the city that has become home and more.

I thank all my photographers: Puneet, Naman, Sahil, Saundarya for being on their toes to capture me at my best. I am genuinely thankful to you for everything that you guys do every fashion week.

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