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Guilty necklace, Guilty Ear cuff
Gallery Ring Set
Good Mood Necklace
Gaia Ring,
Gaia Chain Earrings
Crystalline Pure Watch Gold Tone
Crystalline Pure Watch Gold Tone, Graceful Mini Rose Gold
Gaia Ring, Get Bangle
Good Mood Necklace, Crystal Dust Bracelet
Guilty necklace, Guilty Ear cuff
Vittore Double Ring, Subtle bracelet
Crystalline Pure Watch Gold Tone
Groove Necklace, Subtle Bracelet
Good Mood necklace, Crystaldust Cuff , Gaia Ring

Obhishaar, a prolonged period of dating someone secretly.. I have experienced the special kind of shyness and sweetness that one experiences during dating someone. The only difference is that I am in love with the city of Joy.
We have shared a bitter sweet relationship that holds a very beautiful place in my life and I wouldn't like to trade this feeling for anything.
Calcutta with it's rich heritage and old school vibe has a lot that meets today's modern, while the city is stuck to it's roots there is a lot that is moving forward with time. Walking through the streets of North Calcutta, I came across the unfiltered beauty of this city that will leave you inspired. Better when experienced on foot, the bylanes and the hidden streets still hold onto the Calcutta that was, trying hard to keep up with the Calcutta that is. Sit through the ghats and you will see life go by at a peaceful pace without asking you to catch up. This is the Calcutta that I am in love with, a city that loves you without any expectation. A love that needs no reciprocation, a love so different yet so tough, but a feeling that you can keep with you and live with for long.

Shot amidst the busy roads of old Calcutta, the timeless beauty of everything vintage with it's age old doors, windows, architecture, this was a perfect concoction of old school meeting modern in the city of joy.
While Calcutta played it's part in bringing forward it's age old vibe, Swarovski brought along it's inspiration from the architectural geometry of the Eiffel Tower, the modern forms like the Centre Pompidou Modern Art Museum in Paris, Floral Fresh trend, Swarovski inspired concept of Gypset which is Gypsy + Jet Set, for the women who have that boho chic style and a flair for wanderlust and the sunset skies of beaches in LA. The two together formed the Cross roads, where old school meets modern. Known for it's trend curation, design and meaningful branding, every piece tells a story. With a vision to create "Diamond for everyone" and still standing by it, this is the best face of luxury for everyday need.


Powder Blue off shoulder gown by XIVA

Photography Ananya Rijhwani 
Conceptualization and styling : Devyani Kapoor

Special thanks to Priyadarshini, Khushi and Rishav for making this editorial happen.

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