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I put the vase in the flowers.
You buy a bunch of fresh flowers thinking they will enhance the beauty of your living room and then you realize you will now need a vase to put those flowers in, so you buy a vase!
But you forgot your house has no living room, so you either make a make-shift living room to place the vase which has the beautiful fresh flowers that you bought, or, you buy a new house.

I quite literally did that!
Earlier this year during one of my solo travels I met The Burlap People in Kolkata. From exchanging Emails for few weeks to realizing we are on the same page and then finally meeting one on one, it was a beautiful journey of knowing the Burlap Family and their ideologies. As a blogger, the major power that I possesses at any point, is to say No if my aesthetics and my thought process and ethics don't match yours. 
Sitting at Sienna in Kolkata with  'The Gray Wolf' - Rewant from the Burlap People, we were trying to understand what bag person am I to be able to create one of it's kind personalized Burlap Bag for me. I explained Rewant how I like my bag to hold everything if at any point I plan to get up and leave for a little time out from the chaotic city life. "The Boyfriend Bag", he exclaimed and we had decided what I was getting in the next 10 days.
This one of a kind custom two tone boyfriend bag was created after I told them how I wanted my bag to look like with Breviloquent embroidered on it.

Now that the bag was here, we needed a holiday to take it out!
The beach holiday happened around my Burlap navy blue and camel bag that made me leave the city life for a while to go out to the sea and get you all some postcards from the sea. I spent the days with beach doggos running in and out of water, reading, writing and capturing the days turn into nights at the slowest pace possible. Life around the sea is both furious and calm and me and my Burlap bag have brought back our share of experience.
The Burlap people work with third and fourth generation craftsmen to create hand crafted, eco-friendly bags. From the variety of options to suit your size and color needs to personalizing your own burlap bag, they are surely going places.
From Kolkata to Delhi to Goa, my burlap has traveled a long way but there's a lot more that we'd be experiencing together in the coming days.

"Let us go then,
you and I
Where the sea meets the sky"


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