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And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears 
- Mark Anthony
I have been shooting with Hathi from when their first collection came into place. While they were making stories and executing them in form of beautiful silhouettes for so many of us, I was making stories for myself. Everyday is a learning curve if you are in for it and that is what Anjani teaches me till date. A fierce, strong, full of fire one woman army, she has made her presence in the pond. With the new capsule collection, "El Toro" , we as a team wanted to reach out to all the pixies who are making a difference with their passion burning brighter. The driving force in you cannot be defeated and we admire you for who you are. 

Toro, Bull in Spanish. El Toro brings together the male and female energies, with the Bull representing the masculine power where as the colors and floral details adding to the feminine energy.
An interplay of Masculine and Feminine, Hathi Stories has played with the essence of the basic culture along with the motif construction that they are known for. Believing in the fact that what you wear tells your unique story, the hand drawn motifs, styles and embellishments are all details of Hathi Stories waiting for you to tell yours.
Promoting no wastage, the floral details are made out of waste fabrics adding to the feminine details to the garment.


Photography Ankit Mathur
Conceptualization : Anjani  Madhura Prakash
Muse : Devyani Kapoor and Saumya
Concept and styling : Breviloquent

The collection is available on Jaypore

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