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In a city where art and artists are a stones throw away, music plays a vital role in every household. You either grow with it, or grow up to adopt it. Either way, music is a necessity than being a therapeutic option in Calcutta, it is nurtured like any other moral value since the childhood.  In a time like ours where everything is controlled by a single click, I have been controlling what I hear and how I hear it. Presets for club, hall, arena or while I am outdoor, feeling more than just a beat without the fuss of wires running around me along with extra Bass.
While XB950B1 Extra bass wireless headphones serve their best in terms of the music quality they have also been a fashion statement for me since a month now. A part of my daily schedule from the morning run to the run to the meetings and then to the closest cafe, where they play what I am not very interested in, to the drive back home on the back seat to friends trying it on at my house parties.
A whole of the city of joy was witnessed during my last visit while playing Rabindra Sangeet in the span of 10 days with the SONY headphones.
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Here's what is on my playlist at the moment :

1. Coccolino Deep - Before Sunrise
2. Boy With a Coin - Iron and Wine
3. Let Me Go - Cake
4. Jazz
5. Photograph - Arcade Fire 


Photography and experimental conceptualization by Abhijnan Ruabi Bose\
Shot in Calcutta.

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