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This year started with me being on the move. I have been out of the comfort and luxuries of my house for 6 months now and while work has taken me places, it hasn’t been easy on the personal front. Being away from home also means being away from the usual that makes life easier and comfortable.
From as basic as a glass of fresh juice the moment you wake up to freshly ironed linens, it all becomes luxury when you are away from home. I have been living in a new city for approximately forty-five days now and while it all looks glittery- glamorous from outside, it is a lot of hard work in reality.
With all the belongings that my parents had sent me on the first day of my making the big move, my mother knew I would definitely need these two to keep me going.
A glass of fresh juice that reaches me without any hassle and properly ironed clothes to keep my day going strong.

A glass of juice that does not wake you up with a feeling of “oh yet again” rather with a “Let’s do this” is what Tefal’s Easy Fruit Juice Extractor has been doing for me for a month now. Waking up and walking to the kitchen has become a ritual than waiting for my house help to hand me over the glass. No cutting or chopping is really required; instead the Juice Extractor lets me directly put the fruits and vegetables in the feeding tube. The other features that make the unavoidable task so easy are Easy locking - with strong and ergonomic handle, easy monitoring of Juice - with transparent panel and finally the easy easy cleaning of the mesh - with included brush, Kudos to Tefal for such a user friendly feature!

Tefal’s Easy Gliss Iron provides fast and effortless ironing along with scratch resistance even when ironing harmful areas such as zippers.The automatic steam regulation, the convenient steam trigger and the specially designed precision tip has been an extra help to ease the entire ironing drill. The other features that make it so user friendly and efficient at the same time is the Maximum Steam Distribution that takes away the worry of steam setting thanks to optimal combination of steam and temperature, safety auto-stop setting, no spilling, easy to fill (for water) and finally the the Anti-drip - to keep the linen spot free.
From setting up my house to buying the essentials, it all came upon me. Even though, I’ll be home soon, I needed to buy the basics to keep my everyday life on track and #GetTheBestOutOfEveryday. Home away from home isn’t all that easy if your basic comforts aren’t covered, mine are with these efficient yet very  friendly Tefal products.


Concept and styling by Devyani Kapoor
assisted by Kshipra Mahershi and Rineet Paul

In Calcutta

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