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The past 12 months have been an art walk. From moving away from the usual to sustainable fashion and making an ethical choice to moving a step further to create "Shuffling Suitcases" - An indie brands and underground art platform curated by Breviloquent around the country.
There's a world away from the usual way of living and the choices we make, I chose to move to the other side a year ago when Breviloquent chose to work mostly with sustainable brands. This in no way is to put down brands who don't take the same route, but a choice that I made for myself and my brand.
SHUFFLING SUITCASES was created to bring to the platform such brands, the first edition of which was a huge success. The search to curate the 18 brands evolved not only my fashion sense but also made me aware of so many indie brands who are doing some beautiful work while keeping the practice ethical.

One such brand I met one year ago when I was setting out for Singapore that created some well thought accessories. Charu Desi with its heritage inspired digitally printed products traveled with me (Here)
Inspired by poppies and daisies in its full bloom, telling tales of its yellows, oranges and the million hues in between, their new collection of tabby silk scarves carry very interesting digital prints. Wearing the pocket squares as bun ties or even a hand accessory was an experiment I wanted to do when I came across the new collection and it seems to have worked mighty well. The hot weather shall second me.

Tango. Flamenco. Hot nights. A story untold. 


Photography Ankit Mathur
Concept and styling : Breviloquent

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