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I'll let the pictures do the talking!
A side of the city I love beyond understanding that I had never seen, was shown to me on a sultry early morning in June. We walked around in the nooks and corners of North Calcutta for the #CultureKaleidoscopeTour, while capturing life at it's utmost real. The day had just begun but my excitement had reached it's brim. Manjit from the 'Calcutta Photo Tours' had planned my day and while taking me around, he unknowingly passed his love for the city to me and here I am taking it forward in pictures.

A project I wanted to work on since long - #PeopleOfCalcutta just got life after this photo walk. All the pictures are shot on iPhone.

Manjit is born and brought up in Calcutta, a city he never wants to leave. Popularly known for his 'Photo Walks' that have been featured both in India and Abroad, he shows you the side of the city that you would have never imagined. A photographer, a guide and above all the kindest soul that this city gifted me. A Sikh who is addressed as "Dada" (brother in Bangla), he often chuckles when he hears that from me. His Punjabi is still intact and he never leaves a chance to crack jokes that you will often remember him for.
Next time you are in the city, you know your point of contact incase you wish to see Calcutta from a lover's sight.

Photography by Devyani Kapoor

Shot in Calcutta

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