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Madaari Stories
Nrinam, Bluefly
Madaari Stories, Nrinam, Bluefly
Parama, Nrinam
Parama, Madaari Stories
Madaari Stories

"You have never been to Calcutta during pujo?!"
A question I have always asked myself all these years. Why haven't I been to the soul city during the most special time of the year?
I guess the time hadn't come. Or well, let's say I wasn't prepared for the big treat.

2017 will be special for a lot of reasons, one major reason being the arrival to the city that I now call home.
I landed a day before the pujo started amidst all the preparation for the second edition of #ShufflingSuitcases in Mumbai and the city looked like a bride all decked up before the big day. The streets were lit like the carnival never ended, people had the brightest smiles on their faces and MAA had arrived. It was nothing less than a visual treat!
Calcutta for all it's known, Durga puja will always be on the top of the list. A festival that brings together people like no other festival does. there's no morning-no night, an ongoing fest for a week long. With streets lit at all times, pandals set up every where, the fragrance of the authentic cuisines making you ask for one extra serving.

And this time, I was in the city to witness it all by myself. A little nervous a lot clueless but the city took me in and made me a part of the celebration. I remember sleeping less, eating a lot more and delving into the sound of 'dhak' everywhere I went.
It was that time of the year after all. I was on a saree spree, a lot of sarees and a lot of dressing up. Believe Bengalis to know how to celebrate when it come to the pujas, every single person dressed their best, walking from one pandal to the other like the night would never end, involving themselves in the best of food and lots of sweets and a lot of "adda". I decided to be one of them and bring home some gained kgs and a lot more than that.

You might travel to the city on and on but if you haven't witnessed this time of the year in Calcutta, I suggest you do it in 2018 and you'll know why I am so excited about this post.
While I was on a "take all your sarees out" spree, I tried to capture the city and the essence in these pictures for you.

Pictures by

Wearing :
Blouses by Parama
White saree by Nrinam

Jewelry by

A big thank you to everyone who made Pujo so special for me, both my photographers who agreed to become a part of my journey despite the ongoing celebrations. Special thanks to Iush Dutta Roy for helping us shoot this at odd hours and for taking me around the city.

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