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3 long years of wearing the pants in the relationship with my work. Being both the man and the woman in the journey that we complete today. This ones for YOU!

2017 has been a year of immense growth & maturity for both me and BREVILOQUENT. More than a year ago I put my belief in 'Ethical Fashion' over fast fashion and that has bought with it a change in lifestyle and consciousness. It is about being responsible and giving back to the people, to the fashion industry which has made me who I am. Which is why I’ve chosen to work with Indie brands with ethical practices, where we appreciate those who make our clothes and thus making the hands who make our clothes count who happen to be the backbone of the fashion industry.

Its about empowering each other and believing in the best for all. It’s not about following a trend, but about making a change in lifestyle. And with this change came about the Sister concern of Breviloquent in 2017- #ShufflingSuitcases. A venture where we handpick indie fashion labels following ethical practices & sustainability and take it across the country to create awareness about conscious living and the superheroes working towards it.
With all this under my belt, it has been the most exciting and rewarding year for Breviloquent this far and that certainly calls for a party, because hey, I AM THE PARTY!
And no party is complete without some treats and delicacies. Thanks to The Gourmet Goose, mine is full of artisanal sweet and savoury happiness. They omit the factory line produce & focus on the vendors themselves directly from around the country, giving you the freshest & tastiest goodies.
If you like what you see, check them and make the holiday season merry!

This one is to all of you, who have made me and BREVILOQUENT who we are.
Thank you x

To the brands who make ethical living count.


Posh Pride dress and jacket
Kookoo shop Shuffling Suitcases Saree and accessories
House of JMD Black Coing Jacket

Shot by Ankit Mathur

Special thanks to Kanika, Nikhil, Rosh and Varun for making this happen and for adding all the love and support to the celebration.

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