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Saree is not just a piece of clothing, but for me it is a piece of art that has shaped who I am. I started wearing sarees from a very early age and much to my excitement, I was very comfortable every time I draped one myself. I would run around, do all chores, wear it all day long and still not want to take it off as a kid.
But there was something that I realized a week ago that I had been ignoring all these years. You might agree, I have always been in my comfort zone while wearing sarees. Bright colors, too much work, anything other than cotton was out of my comfort zone and I had kept away the idea of trying something new all these years.
Until I met Joydeep who changed how I see things. He told me how a conversation shaped his future and he came to create such beautiful pieces of art under Coloroso, a brand from Calcutta that sells worldwide. 
Joydeep might have just told me his brand story, but it changed a lot for me personally. So when he handed me over this bright royal blue banarasi with the Royal Bengal Tigers on it, my first reaction was - " I don't think I can carry this"
But like you don't tell a doctor which medicine you might like, you don't tell the artist what might look good.
Joydeep handed me over this piece of art and all way long I kept thinking if I could do justice to this beautiful saree that told a thousand tales.

Coloroso is known for fusing modern designs with India's vintage weaves understanding the growing fashion for old art forms.
In modern fashion, there is a phenomenon called 'the conversation piece'. A saree, by its originality, rarity and unusualness elicits remark - 'Where did you get that? What does it mean?’
Wearing heirloom or a revivalist saree attracts people, who gravitate to the fabric and ask: 'This is so unusual. What is it about and where did you get it?’
COLOROSO explores the world Cotton, Silk, Linen, Tassar, Block prints, Resham, Ghicha, Kosa, Matka, Muga, grand Maslins, Jamdanis, Katha, Pashmina. 

I know for a fact that I am ready to take up such challenges and get out of my comfort zone. This saree was a way that led me out of my den to only make me realize that I can wear it with as much ease and elegance and carry along many untold stories. 


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