8:02 PM

The table of my huge mansion was too big for it to care that I casually sat on it eating from a big bucket of ice cream. I was on my vacation after all.
I sat there all by myself looking around the huge house thinking where I was in life and where I could be instead. I got off the big table, carefully this time and walked around the big hall, not clad in a saree but a pair of comfortable shorts.

"This house is so beautiful", I said to myself loud!
I can build stories here, I could bring more people to help me build stories, I corrected myself.

in my soul city, in the Old House where I brought to life the first edition.

I went back after less than a year to the same city clad in a #ShufflingSuitcases saree to only thank the city that gave my dream a direction. The city that has had me in love since years.
Shuffling Suitcases is the story of a lot of dreams that are now living, a lot of strength, compassion, happiness, together and a big wide family that is increasing everyday.

Do I still go back to that house?
Of course I do. Every single time I am in that city I go back to that now empty house to relive that day when this thought stuck me. I still sit there eating on that big table, waiting for more such stories to be born.
We are now three editions old and a lot is yet to come.

Shot by Mrinmoy
Jewelry by Bluefly Boutique
Shot in Calcutta

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