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A gorgeous sunny February day was upon us and this unexpectedly bright, crisp and warm afternoon brought a treat of winter warmth to the good people of Calcutta. It was almost as if this impromptu golden day was to herald the success of the events to follow!
We had found a very pinterest-y house to stay in. Everything was sustainable and aesthetically done, just how I like it.
Slow fashion, sustainable environment and very happy company.

Fashion as we know is a crucial part of our lives, almost a form of self-expression and individuality. Whether or not we follow latest trends, what we wear still communicates something about ourselves. It is what defines individuality. Yet we are mostly unaware about how our clothes are made, who makes it and what it is made of?

While cost of living is constantly increasing, fashion is becoming cheaper and cheaper every day. To make cheap fast fashion products, brands and retailers source their products from the countries where labour is cheap and often use substandard quality raw materials. Countries like Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and even some African countries like Ethiopia have become the sourcing hub of fast fashion. 

Is there a solution to reduce the harms created by fast fashion? The answer is - 'Ethical Fashion'.

Wearing : Galang Gabaan 
Shot by : Varun Soni, Mrinmoy Das

*Disclaimer : Smoking is not cool or healthy and was only used as a prop for the shoot.

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