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"Early one morning, a taxi pulls up at Flurys on the Park Street from which elegantly dressed Devyani emerges carrying a suitcase."

This would be the opening lines if they ever made a story on the love affair that I have with Calcutta and Flurys.
Every trip starts with the taxi stopping by at Flurys early in the morning straight from the airport , a laid back breakfast and then the world starts working for me. It was only fair that I shot a "Breakfast at Flurys" and had my share of vintage at its grand best.
The establishment was first opened in 1927 and remains to serve the best English breakfast and more till date. The decor and the classic pieces haven't been changed which makes the place even more legendary.

While Flurys needs no explanation, it is very well known by everyone visiting the city of joy. I have my personal favorite corner besides the huge window that bears the pastel pink logo onlooking the street. I choose to sit there every time seeing the city wake up at its pace.
Right outside that huge window is a book shop that I barely spend 2 minutes at while waiting for my taxi but when I think of Flurys, I definitely remember that man setting up his stall with books from yesterday and today.

When a friend of mine insisted that I shoot at this iconic place and replicate the very famous Breakafst at Tiffany's, the lover of things vintage within me got excited and we made this happen over night.
It was the sheer love for this place that gave me my Audrey moment clad in a saree similar to her's in the movie.
Hope you like my version and go back both to the Movie and Flurys.
Oh! Also there's a Mango mania going on while you are at it serving Mango Lava Cake, Fresh Mango Fluffy Cheesecake & Mango Modovik Pastry and more.

Special thanks to the PR team and Anjali Sharma for helping us with this shoot.

Blouse - Autre by Gautam
Saree- Byloom
Earrings - De'anma
Bag - Kngn 

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