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There is no dearth of fashion brands to choose from. There is no dearth of slow fashion brands to choose from. But there is certainly lack of knowledge about these brands.
With Shuffling Suitcases, my aim was to find such brands and make them accessible for the masses. With that goal, we set out on a journey to fish these ethical brands, understand how and what makes them ethical and then curate them under one roof.
#IAMETHICAL is an extension of that initiative where I find out and help such small scale brands FOC and bring that out to masses via my social media channels.

You will see a lot more of this project in parts over the rest of the year.

SRD by Sreyashi is one such brand born out of a small town near Bolpur called Shantiniketan. We have all heard about this artistic town where dreams of designers and artists are turned into reality. Sreyashi has been able to do exactly that along with the help of artisans and weavers and her will to create ethically.
The pure khadi dresses that she calls "Jamas" are what you need in this weather. Breathable, vibrant and ethically produced, SRD took very little time to become my go to ethical brand be featured first in this project.
I paired the dresses with kolhapuris as vibrant as these jamas from Myjivaana 

Photographed by Abhishek Thakur

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