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Everyone's always talking about finding ways to slow down in this fast-paced world. From taking gadget-free vacations to simply keeping 30 minutes a day doing nothing, the list of ideas is long. And we understand the need. There is, however, one thing that doesn't always feature in the Ways-To-Slow-Down list. And that's slow fashion!
As more and more consumers become aware of the ways fast fashion is having a negative impact on our society and environment, the demand for sloe fashion has been steadily going up. This means, that there are a lot more choices out there than ever - various natural fibres, a huge range of colors, and multiple styles! Sure, the prices of these brands may not be comparable to your usual fast fashion brands, but these products stay with you for a much longer time - so it balances out!

Support local businesses #ItFeelsGood

They say when you support a small business, you're supporting a dream. They say when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. So why not support local businesses, promote local jobs and economy and make your community, area, country proud!

Shop sustainably made clothing #ItIsBetter

Why, you ask? Because, it is better for the planet, it is better for the farmers, it is better for the garment workers, it is better for the animals, it is long lasting, and it is probably one of a kind! Need more reasons? I think not.

Repeating clothes is cool #SmartFashionHack

By being a little innovative and styling the same clothes in different ways, you're not only being nice to your pockets, but in your own little way, being nice to the planet and the workers in the fashion industry too! So get that favorite dress out, but this time, add a layer or just accessorise it differently - and you'll see your wardrobe suddenly look bigger.
Moborr is a Bangalore based brand working with organic fabrics to make garments that make you proud of your choice. They believe in working for the greater good of the planet and its people. The handcrafted, organic cotton fabrics are not only aesthetically unique but also bio-degradable, breathable and low on emissions.

Minimising carbon footprint along with their zero-waste philosophy, small batch production, plant-based dyes, coconut shell buttons, hangers and hang-tags made from recycled paper and plastic free packaging. The processes, raw materials, supply chain - everything they do - is designed to adhere to the mission of becoming a successful sustainable fashion brand.


Photographed by Ankit Mathur

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